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May 07, 2011


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Truth Matters

Actually, Mr. Wills was not a deacon or in any position of leadership. Pastor Phelps reported the incident to law enforcement officials and the Department of Youth and Family Services.

Some of the "other side of the story" can be found at for those who wish to pursue the truth rather than just allegations.


Here is the link to the press release from the Concord Police Department the day after the arrest of Ernest Willis for 4 counts of rape of Tina. The press release from the Concord PD states: "The church reported the incident to DCYF as required but the police investigation was hampered due to the unavailability of the victim. Detectives looking into this incident at that time could not locate the victim."

When Tina was removed from the jurisdiction of the Concord Police Department to Colorado that hampered the investigation. Investigations are not based on rumors. No victim, no evidence, no forensic interview, no investigation can move forward.

Furthermore, is full of inconsistencies. Phelps goes to lengths to claim now out Tina was at the consenting age for sex in NH, 16. That was never said before now, that I know of. Phelps then goes to great detail about how he claims to have called the police and DCYF. Phelps states on his website that “Tina accused a man of a crime”. The only crime in play here is rape, whether forcible or statutory. Phelps and his defenders are bending themselves into pretzel's over their claims the assault was "consensual." It is strange to me, that if Tina were of consensual age Phelps would claim he contacted the police and DCYF and say that "Tina accused a man of a crime?" As I see it, If it were consensual, and Tina were of consenting age in NH there would be no reason for Phelps to claim he called the police and DCYF because “Tina accused a man of a crime”. Phelps it appears is trying to have it both ways.
It has only been after the airing of the 20/20 episode (or went live that evening) that Phelps started claiming that Tina was 16. Before that he repeatedly said she was 15 but blamed the Concord Police for dropping the ball because he "called" the police and they did nothing. Phelps is not saying that he and Tina's mom "filed multiple reports". That's a physical piece of paper. Phone calls are not "filing reports". So, now that we know he "filed multiple reports" they should be a matter of public record. Phone calls to police can be disputed, actual "reports" can't be.Every situation I've been involved with with the police, or had someone I knew involved HAD to have a report in person. Either a police officer would come to your home, crime scene, or could go to the station and fill out the forms there. Phone calls are *not* filing police reports. As I see it, 20/20 handed Phelps the spade, Phelps is digging his own grave and burying himself too.

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