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May 06, 2008


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Bill Lamb

The implication of uncharted territory insofar as Roger Clemens is concerned is hardly uncharted. The territory in which he walked and the "apology" he issued comes right out of the playbook of former President Bill Clinton. That's precisely the opening statement he made, with very slight variations, in his televised "deposition" with Special Prosecutor Kenneth Starr.

Bill Lamb

mary davis

My brother sent me your link--o the stories i could tell! i am delighted to know that my dad, Charles Underwood, finally got press for his toe to toe with the joneses. i could tell of many other toe to toe encounters and the trememdous time and effort wasted which could have been devoted to kingdom work instead (nothing more useful for diverting Jesus' followers than these kinds of things!)...but unless you want the details, it's so much better to go on.
The Emperor has ALWAYS been naked at BJU. And the choice was always, from start to finish, whether or not you were willing to agree with the majority or if you were willing to say, "HEY! this is a lie! this guy is NAKED!" and be banned, harrassed, banished, etc.
interesting to note that one of my favorite bits of poetry learned during my stay at BJU was Emily Dickinson's---
"Much madness is divinest sense
to a discerning eye;
Much sense, the starkest madness:
Tis the majority in this, as all, prevails.
Assent, and you are sane;
Demur, you're straightway dangerous
and handled with a chain."

the interrracial thing was ESPECIALLY ridiculous when my Virginia-born friend was told she could not date Dave because she was of Filipino heritage. She COULD, however, date Wayne because he was Japanese! (so what does that say about the Spanish portion of her DNA? was she still HALF interracially dating?!)

it will go on in its many forms until the ENTIRE organiztion chooses to tell the truth. Blessings on you for posting such truth.

Mark Responds: Charles Underwood's Open letter to Bob Jones III was like balm to me when I received it. Your father essentially codified the Jonesian modus operandi, an almost robotic script for the Joneses' handling of every controversy in which they engaged.

But, Charles Underwood's 1983 letter is so en pointe and such strong medicine that many people refuse to read it or even acknowledge that it exists.

I invited Louis Hensler to read CU's letter because Hensler acted like the only thing wrong with BJU was those who graduated from there who didn't worship everything Jonesian. To enlighten him to the pervasive pragmatic expediency that has come to characterize the Joneses' leadership-style, I invited Louis Hensler to read CU's Open Letter as it was written during the time Hensler attended BJU and it accurately reflected the ethical atmosphere that permeated BJU at the time.

While I suspect Louis Hensler read the letter privately (and decided connivance and feigned ignorance were more beneficial to his interests), he ridiculed me for asking him to read a letter written some 25 years ago! The sad truth is, Charles Underwood's old letter is almost as up-to-date today as it was the day he penned it.

You have every right to be proud of your father, Charles Underwood, and the stand he took against evil doing and for righteousness. I only regret he did not have the internet! And, I wish I could have met him. Mark

BTW, I would appreciate any future comments from you being appended to the post dedicated to Charles Underwood's Open Letter to Bob Jones III.


I really appreciate your posts. Shine a light, brother. For what it's worth, here's a summary of my experience with the Bob Jones mentality.

I could write a whole book about that crowd. Suffice it to say, I will never set foot in another Bob Jones church in my lifetime.

The Squire

They were like that through the 1990's.

I think their ways came home to roost in the 2000 election year when Bob III was heard to cry to Larry King that he felt so bad for the graduates and students of BJU who were now being looked down on by the masses for having an affiliation with BJU.(Bju being exposed as a supremist cult)

Bob III got the hot lamp tratment from the democrats and the media and could not defend his policies of the past nor give a good answer as to why his school held such a racially devisive philosophy for all those years.

I can think of the thousands of BJU students whom were tried under the Jonese's "hot lamp" treatment over the years to confess to breaking one of their precious rules.

I think BJU got what it deserved.....lower student enrollment, Bob III stepping down and a host of the old confederate line going into retirement or simply slinking off to other "Bible" churches.

The wine went terribly sour at BJU back then.


WOW....I found your site and laughed out loud. I actually visited Bob Jones University in the 80's and thought about attending. What I found was so outside the box of what they taught I was floored. Now don't get me wrong, it was refreshing that the students I encountered were "human", but it was the false wall that surrounded the University Reputation that turned me off.

What I found in the dorm room I shared for 3 days with students form the University were normal teenage boys, full of hormones, hyped up on sugar, running the halls naked, mooning each other, and a lot of other late night activities that one does alone as a young man.

Again, it wasn't that this bothered me, it was that the school forced these kids into a World of unreality. The expectations were so demanding that they students needed an outlet to let loose.

Anyway, thanks for shining the light.

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