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July 09, 2007


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first of all i want to say that as someone who grew up at northside, this stuff happened a really long time ago. like so long ago it doesn't matter that much any more. i think that its kinda sad that this still bothers u this much. i mean i will tell u there is so much more to be bothered by when it comes to that place. so if u really want to post something, why don't you investigate the present situation. might be a little more interesting if you weren't writing about stuff that took place like over 10 yrs ago. u would have a way better time if you only knew what is going on there today......

Emily, I don't know that many people there today, there has been a constant turnover since I left. Occassionally, I hear of an incident, usually involving a student at school. It's the same old stuff, abusive leadership, hurt people, etc. If we don't learn from the past we will repeat the mistakes of the past. You are welcome to post your observations about today's Northside and Stevens' crew if you wish and if you can provide documentation. Certainly they only got better at what they do to people there. I used to wish I had never gone to Northside, but I am glad the Lord brought me and my family out when He did and taught us what He did. I have been able to help people in similar cults because of my experiences at Northside. I would recommend that you read People of the Lie. You are certainly in a great place to put the book into practice.


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