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May 03, 2007


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Timothy Robinson

What stubidity! No wonder the world looks down on us Christians. We are our own best enemy. You sir are a very unhappy Christian believer yourself. I never learned Jonesisms or any other ism at BJU 76-80.

Thanks for your comments. I believe it was Bob Jones Sr. who said, "People won't mock consistent Christians. They will respect them."

If those are the comments elicited from you after reading Charles Underwood's letter to Bob Jones III, then perhaps, while you may not have been aware of the intellectual and spiritual leaven sown in your mind and heart, you at least learned a couple of the most important, fundamental characteristic of a Jonesian.

A Jonesian will instinctively ignore the facts and reject anyone who would call into question the integrity of the Joneses and BJU.

Christ's solution for such self-righteous ignorance was to command His disciples to 'Let them alone. They be blind leaders of the blind.'

Underwood said that when he worked for BJU and people confronted him with the duplicity of the leadership of BJU, he just simply disbelieved it. When he retired he made the matter the object of investigation.

Truth is not for everyone. Some people prefer deception to truth. Some people even resort to deliberate self-deception in an effort to bolster a dishonest socio-religious structure.

I am reminded of the man caught in bed with another woman by his wife. As the wife looked on in disbelief, the husband denied the act and said, "Don't believe your eyes, believe me."

And, ignoring the facts and blindly listening to lying, duplicitous authority figures, is how Jonesians approach any unflattering reports and facts concerning the Joneses/BJU.

Don't believe me, Tim, open your eyes and ears take a look for yourself. Any intelligent, objective, discerning man who looks at the facts will conclude that the duplicitous, lying, scheming Bob Jones III to whom Underwood addressed his letter in 1983 is the same Bob Jones III I dealt with in 1991 and is the same Bob Jones III who showed himself to be a duplicitous, scheming liar on Larry King Live in 2001.

And, Tim, all Jonesians, owe the leaven in their hearts and minds to the teachings and examples of the Joneses.


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