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April 29, 2007


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phil g

Very interesting reading. I attented HAC from fall of 85- spring 91 . During the time of all the artical is about.. there is no way to tell how many times i herd are you 100% Hyles and rember people wearing bages(stickers) 100% Hyles all over campus.The school did a major cleansing of staff and faculity buy asking that very question ARE YOU 100% HYLES? and base on the answer and time it took to answer the question you may have been escorted of campus and had no job. They also set up check points to get in the main campus building no id no entrance and all visitors had to sign in and were a visitor badge.It was sad to see Honest God Fearing Christians being treated that way. There are many more stories that will nevre come to light about faculity and staff that did just what Dr hyles was "accused" of. It was sad to see how many people were blind loyalist to a man.The thing that gets me most now is the murial at the church and the statue at the college. how is that any different from having a statue of Mary as the Catholics do?

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