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April 19, 2007


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How interesting was this article !! In the 80s I would take my little daughter and go to Gerald and Jackie's house to help them, as Jackie was then sick. Never one time did I hear these friends say anything contrary about BJones ~ I do know, because I was a member at SSide, that a number of people left the church when Gerald and Jackie joined. They were the losers; those of us who loved G and J were the winners ! They added grace and warmth to my life. But they suffered rejection in the religious atmosphere of Greenville; there is a heavy blanket of oppression here. ELL

You were there watching these events transpire first hand! That must have been shockingly eye-opening.

I graduated from BJU in 1980. In my view, the interracial debacle at BJU, more than any other single issue, revealed the deeply flawed religious underpinnings of Jonesianism.


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