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February 04, 2008


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unkown alias

Dirty|1| wrote: "this is all foolish and your facts are not at all straight. Please post quotes of Mr. Louis Hensler's adamant rejections to answer any of your questions. You quote yourself multiple times but never in this blog do I see anything of his original words."

Editor responds: SiteMeter indicates "dirty|1|'s" IP address is from and edu account in Virginia Beach, VA, the same locale as Louis Hensler's.

Not too impressed with anonymous commenters, especially one named "dirty|1|. Dirty, take a look at the previous posts. Louis Hensler is quoted many times. And, Dirty, say "Hi" to Louis and tell him he still owes me some answers.

Dirty, can you cite one time when Louis Hensler applied to the Joneses, BJU, or their defenders one of the standards of judgment by which he judged me?

For instance, Louis Hensler upbraided me for 'stereotyping' the BJU crowd and, in the same sentence, tried to stereotype me as a "BJU hater". What in the world is a "BJU hater"? Is it someone who hates the evil deeds of the Joneses/BJU? I suspect Louis Hensler thinks a "BJU hater" is anyone who points out the bigotry and duplicitous ways of the Joneses.

Aren't we commanded to emulated God and hate sin and the evil way? Is Louis Hensler suggesting by this that we are to love the racial bigotry and lying practiced by the Joneses/BJU?

Louis Hensler accused me of "bigoted name-calling". But, actually, Anonymous, it seemed like I provided facts, Scriptural support, sound logic, and provided all those involved with a chance to respond before I affixed a label to an evil doer. Can you cite an instance wherein I did not do this?

Can you cite an instance where Louis Hensler followed that pattern?

Who is stereotyping who, Anonymous?

Who's the bigot, Anonymous?

Is a bigot the one who supports his conclusions regarding the Joneses/BJU with facts, Scripture, and sound logic?

Or, is a true bigot one like Louis Hensler who seems to have no regard for facts, Scripture, or logic when he defends the Joneses/BJU? (Hint: Take a look at the definition of my latest post.)

Dirty, it seems that even Louis Hensler's pre-suppositions are designed to deceive. He acts as if stereotyping is ipso facto evil. I never knew 'stereotyping' was bad. It's too bad Louis Hensler wasn't around to set the martyr Stephen straight on the sin of 'stereotyping' in Acts 6 and 7 when he stereotyped the Libertines as sons of the murderers of the prophets, or Christ in Matthew 15 and 23 when He stereotyped the Pharisees as self-righteous hypocrites, or Paul in Titus when he sterotyped the Cretians as 'always liars, slow bellies, evil beasts'!

Dirty 1 (or, is it Louis?), why not contact Louis Hensler at his email at his Regency edu account and ask him to comment on some of the bigotry and name-calling practiced by the Joneses/BJU over the past 80 years. Ask Louis Hensler if he is planning to sign the petition to BJU for interracial reconciliation at

Oh, remind Louis Hensler that he has never answered my question as to whether or not he would sign a petition to the Joneses/BJU to apologize to former First Lady Betty Ford for Bob Jones Jr. calling her "a slut".


nathan schepemaker

I attended BJU for one and a half years seeking to study to be a pastor. The attitude of BJU is that you must follow their rules whether or not the Bible says. This man made culture of perfectionism creates clones who never seek the Spirits guidence. All they do is approach the Bible with their high standards and try to prove them. More or less, they remind me the Pharisees who sought to bind the church of God in the Mosaic Law. Not that God's Word wasn't applicable in some cases, yet their focus was on the outward conforming rather then the inner working of the Holy Spirit. The excuse that "Its a big school so we have to have this rule" is the poorest of excuses. Not to mention, it seems rather self centered to name a university that is supposed to be for the glory of God after yourself. In the end I thank God I went there because it made me realize that following a set of rules, wearing certain clothes, and preaching certain things does not create Godly christian, it only hides the unsaved in a maze of actions. (pardon my grammar)

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