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January 19, 2008


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Michael Schmidt

It has been alleged that the Joneses once used the "N" word in chapel from the pulpit. Is there any proof of this? I have been looking but can not find any proof yet that this happened, but several allege that it did.

Michael Schmidt

Mark here is a somple of comments that the FFF Bob Jones University mini pope worshipers have said about me in the FFF:

-- You are an idiot.
-- How stupid are you???
-- I think you have a problem with homo********** because that's all
you can talk about. That's the card you always pull whenever you know
you are beat.
-- You are an idiot.
-- You are a contentious little man. I have offered to put this to
rest, but you still want to fight.
-- Don't lie now ...
-- You apprear not to know much about ANY type of music, heck, you
barely even know what you mastered in in "college".
-- Make up your mind, and quit thinking that you side is perfect and
everyone elses is wrong! I am tired of arguing with a huge dumb rock!
It is foolishness to argue with a fool! I have better things to do
than to argue with you, and I know you are wrong in most areas you
fight in, so it doesn't matter to me.
-- I never met a person, in all my life, who has shown such ignorance
as you.
-- It's so simple, it's like your an idiot.
-- [Mikey] is obsessed with A LOT of things - namely being the most
obnoxious person I have ever encountered in my life.
-- YOU! You just think that you are God's gift to mankind, who knows
everything, and has all judgement on everything. GET OVER YOURSELF!!
-- This is an absolutely absurd argument.
-- But no surprise.
-- So that means that all you just said is null and void.
-- [Mikey] is probably one of the most idiotic people I've ever met
THAT MUCH BIGGER. [Mikey uses the largest fonts possible, usually in
bizzar [sic] colors, often in bright pink.]
-- Is there anything Freudian about the Pink font!
-- Yeah, if anything, it seems a little effeminate to be using pink
-- Quote from [Mikey]: Ha, I hold an earned Doctorate in biblical
Education from an IFBx school.
I'm impressed, you have an earned PHD, piled higher and deeper, but
you breadth of knowledge is seriously lacking. Your posts on this and
many other threads I'[ve found to be particularly unimpressive.
-- Practice some rudimentary social skills
-- I submit that we should cease and desist in participating in this
fruitless discussion with [Mikey]. Let's permit him to go off into his
little corner and stew and pout.
-- You're not too bright, are you?
-- First of all, you are a liar.
-- That now shows that you are a compulsive liar (I say compulsive
because you've lied about other scriptures in the past ...}
-- You, sir, are a LIAR.
-- You talk in circles and then expect those on the forum to accept
your wandering logic.
-- ... it appears you have a homoerotic hangup. As much as you love to
talk about "pro homo matters," I suspect you have issues there. Is
there something you'd like to share with the class?
-- I'm telling one talks about "pro homo" (is that different
from amateur homo?) this much, without there being something there.
-- You know...[Mikey] vaguely resembles the cop on the Village People.
-- Yeah, I know what you mean. Especially if he doesn't like someone/
something, he'll start calling them homos. I think someone's got
-- Hmmm....sometimes what gets screamed the loudest and longest...and
repetitively ....indicates a person with that very problem.
-- I don't know [Mikey]; any chance he's got a long-haired wig in his
closet at home?
-- Seriously, a DOCTORATE? Is this earned or given? This "one-inch-or-
you're-a-homo" is NOWHERE in the Bible. NOWHERE.
-- Now...why do you have such hangups about this? I think many of us
know why...
-- I hope your trumpet playing is better than your biblical
understanding. Otherwise, I doubt you know which end to put your mouth
-- Your eisegesis is showing, [Mikey].
-- You're nuttier than a fruit cake! I knew you were a nut already,
but...... WOW.


I wish you were wrong. I really, really wish. But you're not. You're exactly correct. And my very recent story confirms that all this is still alive and well.

God help us all.

Dr. S (for SECULAR)

I stumbled across your blog searching for something else tonight, and I have to say that I was very surprised to read comments from an alumnus that were critical of the very wrong, hateful and judgmental views of Jones et. company.

I have a personal history rich in BJU avoidance. My family essentially disowned me for refusing to go to the university over 20 years ago. I have no regrets. What shocks me to this day is that people who support the university and the Joneses can - with a straight face - condone the abhorrent behavior and comments that have come from the bowels of this institution and its leadership. The practice a religion of hate, intolerance and condemnation, forgetting the commandmants of their so-called-savior regarding those without sin casting the first stone and loving the neighbor as oneself - or my favorite, "vengeance is mine, sayeth the Lord; I will repay." Yet for nearly a century, this family (the Joneses) have taken it upon themselves to support a racial heirachy and condemn anyone who disagrees with their interpretation of writings that are questionable in value beyond mythology to hell, going so far as to actually pray for the demise of those who disagree.

It was an example my xenophobic gene pool embraced. I think I was fifteen or sixteen years old the first time I heard my "parents" pray that "god" would "smite me" if I didn't "repent". If repentence means becoming a racist, intolerant, bobble-head, well... send me to hell. (I am in fact, an atheist and a woman of hard science, so the prospect of hell really doesn't frighten me at all... certainly not the way the über-fundamentalist movement frightens me).

I was reared in a family that hated minorities, hated all other religions but Brand BJU, and cannot help but laugh and wonder what they think of BJ III now that the interracial dating policy is no more... and that BJ III actually came out in support of a MORMON of all people - for President of the United States.

The Joneses and their ilk owe far more apologies than the one you suggest to Betty Ford. They should start by apologizing to all they have brainwashed for so many years and tell them that hate is just wrong, period, and that they are sorry to have led so many down a path of loathing mankind rather than loving all people.

The Squire

"The Joneses and their ilk owe far more apologies than the one you suggest to Betty Ford. They should start by apologizing to all they have brainwashed for so many years and tell them that hate is just wrong, period, and that they are sorry to have led so many down a path of loathing mankind rather than loving all people".

Posted by: Dr. S (for SECULAR) | February 18, 2008 at 05:37 AM
I'm sorry for your upbringing Dr. S
I had the freedom to choose my religion and my faith.
I choose to work for BJU while my wife taught there. I now know what I do not want out of religion.......A Doctor telling me how to live base on the way he lives!!!

BJU is not and never will be a church but Bob III thinks he's the Pope of Fundalmentalism. If he is someone go tell Jack Hyles or any number of men who claimed that honor.

Anytime a man is raised up in a religious circle look for his always comes.

Bob III met his match during the 2ooo campaign and ended up crying out to Larry King. Ohhhh the students! (he cried)

What he was crying about was the fact with all the bad press about Bush's visit and the interracial problem he thought BJU would lose it's attendance ($)and thus his inherited kingdom would be no more. Gone would be his power over all the BJU churches who supply him with new empty headed brains to fill each year.

Everthing at BJU is all about keeping the faith in BJU!!

Long live the King! But Bob....your not it!

Editor's comments: Squire, The duplicity and deception surrounding the interracial dating ban controversy and the Larry King Live interview served to reveal the true character of Bob Jones III and his influence on BJU-dom.

Pragmatic expediency, personal loyalty to the Joneses, and institutional idolatry - not Christ, His Word, and His Spirit - are the triune supports that sustain BJU/the Joneses.

And, yes, they owe many apologies.

Allyce Roberts

Dr. Bob Jones, Jr., himself, wrote a letter of apology to Betty Ford after the incident you mentioned in which he called Mrs. Ford a "slut". Publicly he stated that he misspoke. I don't remember if it was mentioned at the time, but I believe he meant to call her a "lush".

Perhaps even this would have been an unkind, though true, characterization. However, Mrs. Ford later sought help for her alcoholism after a family intervention. Now many other public figures seek help at the Betty Ford Center, so some good did come from the situation.

In case someone thinks Dr. Jones, Jr. took credit for Mrs. Ford's rehabilitation, I do not believe he credited himself with this transformation. I do believe he rejoiced in the fact that she overcame her addictions.


Thank you for your comments.

There's an old saying: "Repent publicly for public sins." There's an old Bible principle, "Them that sin rebuke before all that others also may fear." What a shame, especially for Bob Jr., that there was not a Pauline-type Christian in the Amphitorium with the intestinal fortitude to publicly rebuke Bob and put him in his place. (Note Gal. 2 where Paul (fka the feared Saul of Tarsus) publicly rebuked Christ's disciple Peter).

I have never heard the report that Bob Jones Jr. wrote Betty Ford a personal letter of apology. I would be interested in seeing a copy of the letter. I am not aware that he ever apologized to the University staff, faculty, student body, or the people of the United States. Nor am I aware that he ever maintained that he "misspoke". It seems like an unlikely mistake for an accomplished semi-professional Shakespearean actor as well-versed as Mr. Jones Jr. This replacement of words was certainly not communicated to me or any of my roommates/classmates in 1980.

When, where, and to whom did he "publicly" state that he "misspoke"? Were you present? If so, who else was in attendance? If you were not present, what is your source for this information and is there anyone who can verify that this actually took place?

Do you have a copy of the letter Mr. Jones wrote Mrs. Ford, or a copy of his public statement, or a press release related to this incident? Certainly, if such a letter of apology exists, one would think the University would be morally and ethically obligated to provide one on demand to make sure the record remains corrected. If you do not have possession of such a letter, are you confident enough in its existence to request a copy from the Joneses/BJU?

Did Mr. Jones Jr., or the University ever contact the press to publicize the letter of apology to first lady Betty Ford? Did he ever contact the press to publicize his retraction of the word "slut" and its replacement with the word "lush"? Was either assertion ever publicly reported by any news organization?

Now, in re-reading what I have written, it sounds as if it came from an officious junior cub reporter wannabe. That was not my intent.

I simply do not know if what you have written is true or not. I have heard many unsubstantiated rumors - both pro and con - about the Joneses/BJU. If I am skeptical of your report it is borne of a skepticism that has grown as I have observed the Joneses/BJU for over 35 years. I would place the blame for such skepticism squarely on the Joneses. In 35 years I have observed many things from the Joneses: vile tempers, hatred, viciousness, cruelty, variance, arrogance, pride, contempt for brethren, lying, deception, duplicity, self-serving religious craftiness, religious bigotry, racial bigotry, etc. .

In short, the Joneses and the University I have come to know have never been accused of being "overly anxious to apologize" to those they have abused.

Perhaps I missed this one. I would appreciate you getting back to me with any supporting documentation, should any exist.

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