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December 12, 2007


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Louis Hensler

Mark, I'm glad that you're willing to identify with what you're writing here. I'm disappointed, though, that you resort to the bigoted name-calling and stereotyping typically employed by BJU-haters.

I was also disappointed in the skimpy information that you have provided about yourself. It's helpful in understanding someone's message to know something about their background and point of view. For example, from which school at BJU did you graduate? School of Business? SAS? Precisely what degree did you earn there? This will tell us something what your exposure at BJU.

Btw, I attended BJU shortly after you.


I am not quite following how my post on another site fits into your "jonesian" thought process. It would seem by reading what you quoted me as saying that I am a "jonesite." I am anything but...

While their theology is exceptionally accurate, their implemenation leaves room for improvement. You might hate the place. Personally, I have no ill will, just observations over the years.

If you are going to post this stuff at least have a train of thought which can be easily followed.

Editor responds: Kristensdaddy, thank you for your comments. Please accept my apology if I gave anyone the impression that you were a Jonesian, ie., one guided by personal loyalty to the Joneses and institutional idolatry to BJU. In all the posts of your I have written, I never once sensed that you were anything but an honorable and ecclesiastically and intellectually honest man.

I used included your first post to introduce the "Rules" thread. I used your second post as it happened to be the post with which I introduced myself to the thread. There was nothing more intended on my part and I in no way endeavored to embarass or mischaracterize you. Please forgive me if, in so doing, I misrepresented you to the BJU Exposed readers.

Thank you for your comment regarding the train of thought. Will try to be more clear.

Regarding BJU's theology, I always thot their orthodoxy was good until the last few years. At times I think some of their Bible faculty are more concerned about keeping the Joneses and BJU's constituency happy than they are in formulating sound orthodoxy and encouraging biblical orthopraxy.

Mark Fitzhenry

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