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December 26, 2007


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Jeff Dayhoff

Wow, why do you name all of the people that offend you , but fail to expose who you are? Yes you have given a few tidbits of info, but it seems pretty cowardly to attack people behind a curtain... You are obviously talented in the area of blogging, but why don't you consider putting your talents to a more profitable use? Do you ever consider that you may be obsessed with this and could be used in a greater capacity????

Thanks for the flattering comments. I am a terrible blogger. A good editor would chop out about 50%. Volunteer?

If you look in my About section, I do identify myself as Mark Fitzhenry. If you look in the Northside Baptist Story How Bob Jones III does Church series, there are a couple of newspaper articles that ID me.

I am doing pretty well $ on my little MacBook Pro despite my lack of any sort of talent.

I haven't posted to the BJU Weblog in a few months.

Jeff, the focus should be on the facts, biblical principles, and conclusions made on the BJU Weblog. Yes, I am fair game should I misstate the facts and fail to correct them, color the facts, use innuendo, lie and refuse to retract and repent, etc.

I'm and excommunicated independent fundamentalist Baptist (interesting story behind that, Jeff) I am an easy mark to demonize and vilify. Let's get beyond "me", Jeff.

I am interested in what you think about what you have read on BJUWeblog, whether or not you found anything untrue or deceptive in what I wrote, if and how I perverted or misapplied Scriptural principles or logic and reasoning to come to my conclusions, and how you deal with that which I wrote that is true, Scriptural, and rational.

We may disagree. However, for the sake of those who listen in to our discourse, if we can disagree "agreeably," Scripturally, and rationally, it will help onlookers weigh the merits and demerits of our respective positions.

Caution: Like Christ, I tend to ask questions. You have an advantage in that you can read what I have written, determine my position, and challenge it. (Gen. George Patton said, "Fixed fortifications are monuments to mens' stupidity.") I have affixed myself to my words and, while I can rectract or modify them later, regarding anything I have written that is untrue, challenge away, Jeff!

Be thorough, Jeff, and cite specifics examples of what exactly you find wrong or untrue. You cannot ignore the facts and then gratuitously conclude that I am wrong. That is what Jonesians have been doing for years.

I reserve the right to cite any undisputed facts as admitted by you as true and authoritative. I've compiled facts, quotes, Scriptural principles and you have failed to dispute the facts, failed to demonstrate that my quotes were fabricated and false, and failed to demonstrate how the facts about BJU/the Joneses are reflective of true Biblical Christianity.

Cast me as an evil for reciting the history of BJU and the Joneses, Jeff, and you simply demonstrate that you are a blind follower of the blind.

Wouldn't it be more persuasive to show me and the readers where my facts are wrong, where the Scriptural principles are wrested, and the conclusions on the BJU Weblog are wrong.

Fair enough?

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