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May 24, 2007


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Since most people of all races choose to marry within their race, this furor against Bob Jones University seems totally disproportionate. interracial dating.
The noise comes from but a strident few with personal agendas.
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Mark Fitzhenry

Sam said, "Since most people of all races choose to marry within their race, this furor against Bob Jones University seems totally disproportionate." This statement makes no sense, especially in light of the emphasis I have placed in the Series of post on BJU's handling of its interracial dating policy: ie, the false claim by Bob III that the interracial dating policy was "Bible policy," the apparent firings of 2 employees by Bob III in the Southside Baptist Incident after an interracial couple was granted membership, the state and federal laws forbidding such retaliation, the many distortions by Bob III and BJU regarding the nature of their interracial dating policies, etc.

Evidently, Sam failed to follow the entire Series of posts, particularly post VII in which I wrote, Bob Jones III came off as one wholly lacking in judgment and discernment. Who, but a self-deluded Jonesian, would place confidence in Bob Jones III's "spiritual leadership" after such a series of godless decisions? Bob Jones III invested his credibility as a Fundamentalist big wig and lost twice. First, Bob III took his case to the Supreme Court and lost in 1983. Secondly, Bob III lost again when he had to retreat from his "Bible policy" in 2000. Only a Jonesian, a faithful supporter, a willing dupe, someone who couldn't think for himself or allow himself to see Dr. Jones III's series of blunders and ecclesiastic fraud, would rely on Bob Jones III for a biblical doctrinal stand on an issue after this huge fiasco. He lost all credibility as a religious leader, at least with those discerning men and women who have the requisite critical thinking skills and biblical discernment and who are willing to apply them to the facts that are plainly before them."

I do not know whether Sam is a Jonesian but only that his rationale is identical to that of every Jonesian I have ever dealt with in the past. A Jonesian cannot face facts regarding the nature of the leadership of BJU. A Jonesian, at his very heart, is a personality cultist and an institutional idolater. Until a Jonesian forsakes the hidden things of darkness in his spiritual life, he will find it necessary to mischaracterize facts about the Joneses and BJU as nothing more than "noise". A Jonesian will find it necessary - for the justification of his own idolatrous notions - to dismiss anyone who would dare tell the truth about the Joneses and BJU as "a strident few with personal agendas". Sam's comment is a prime example of intellectual dishonesty and ecclesiastical duplicity.

Sam, are you a Jonesian, ie., a personality cultist and an institutional idolater who cannot face facts about Bob Jones III and BJU and who demonstrates hatred against those who rise to rebuke the Joneses and BJU when they violate Biblical truth?

A Jonesian CANNOT FACE FACTS. I would be shocked if Sam took the time to read the ENTIRE series of posts on the interracial dating ban and give an indepth comment on that which I was trying to communicate: the lack of credibility and integrity of Bob Jones III and BJU.

Sam, I can reason with an honest, ethical, and rational person. I will not engage in discourse with dishonest, unethical, or irrational people. You are invited to post comments that address the facts and I will not edit any of your comments. Read the entire Series of posts and go point by point and show me where I have marginalized myself as simply a strident noise-maker with a "personal agenda". All I ask is that you display intellectual honesty. Is that too much to ask?

Mark Fitzhenry

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