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March 07, 2007


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This particular post leaves one a bit unsettled, considering the fact that there came a time that Pastor Walt Hanford no longer stood for some of the things he had preached during many previous years.

During the time that his father-in-law, the aged Dr. John R. Rice, was at odds with the leadership of BJU, Pastor Hanford managed to walk a tight rope, keeping his huge membership of BJU students, staff, and administration at Southside Baptist. BJU people were the backbone of Southside, including the magnificent choir directed by Dr. Frank Garlock with pianist Flora Jean Garlock.

Then Pastor Hanford suddenly decided he wanted to invite Neo-Evangelicals such as Sandi Patti (who has been divorced) to perform on the platform. With announcements such as this came the exodus of most of the people affiliated with BJU, including many deacons, SS teachers, CDS teachers, bus drivers, etc. Many of these people had devoted much of their lives to building the ministry of Southside Baptist Church.

[My first visit to Southside was in the old sanctuary which became the "Chapel". It was quite small when compared to the large sanctuary that held @ 2000+ people.]

There had been special accomodations to Southside even at The Wilds Christian Camp, relating to Mrs. Hanford's teaching against women wearing pants. There were "culottes weeks" for these types groups. However, according to my understanding, Southside CDS (church no longer in same location, so no longer called Southside) no longer has the same policies on dress or music.

I'm not quite sure exactly how this relates to this discussion, but it seems pertinent to any points made relating to BJU and Southside Baptist.

I believe BJU felt that in order to be consistent, they could not employ persons who were also employed by an entity which practiced different Biblical principles than their own. After all, non-inter-racial marriage was the foundation for the non-inter-racial dating policy. In our society most people tend to marry persons whom they have previously dated...

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